Beyond Reality

curated by Arturo Miles

Patrick’s Cabaret, Minneapolis MN

Hot out the gate, strutting to a punchy guitar riff dancers posture in the space like pro-wrestlers. The work is inspired by cyber–personas, video-game trolls, anthropomorphism, taxidermy, descriptions of humans in animalistic terms, CGI and graphic violence, and the phenomenon of the popular mouthless “Hello Kitty” icon. Quickly, these dystopic obsessions subsume the dancers’ female form. Performing a certain mixed-species embodiment, we imagine one’s organic body tissues interacting with a computer coding’s set standards of perfection, resulting in the display of a very particular sexuality, laiden with disturbing imagery between the two performers.

Choreography and Performance: Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench

Time: 20 min

Sound Design: Composed and performed live by Tom Woodling, Alex Kim and Lightnin’ Joe Peterson

Set Design and Construction: Hiponymous

Costuming: Hiponymous