Pleasure Rebel

2017 DaNCEBUMS DANCE Residency

Icehouse, Minneapolis MN

Hiponymous performs dance in uncommon spaces. This popular music venue’s crowd, drinking and socializing loudly, was testing ground for how to swiftly and sustainably bend audience attention toward a subtle, intimate, quirky performance. Our bawdy “Pleasure Jingle” celebrates and critiques experiences around pleasure that are either over-represented or missing from American cinema. Through dance, song and spoken word, the evening strings together vignettes that tease out a range of taboo subjects with wit and bravery.

Choreography and Performance: Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench

Time: 45 min

Sound Design: Original songs written and performed by Hiponymous, cover of Feist “Limit to Your Love” performed live by Renée Copeland

Costuming: Hiponymous