State of the Moon Address


Momentum: New Dance Works

The Southern Theater, Minneapolis MN

SOTMA is a visually and sonically textured performance in a dystopic world where cultural patterns and systems vie to control the body. Two hapless explorers arrive on a planet they do not belong to. A land of hyper-synthetic materials, of astro-turf, plastic flowers, and antenna reeds tuning in commercials for products they’ve never heard of. They’ve arrived in a dystopic environment where the morning cycles are fickle, and night comes with little warning. The two confront the patterns and regulations of the culture through subtle and overt programming delivered by broadcasting phenomena that evidently seek to control them, revealing how to perform citizenry. Perhaps whatever planet these two have landed on is taking its cues from pirated television from Earth?

Choreography and Performance: Renée Copeland and Genevieve Muench

Time: 40 min

Lighting Design: Heidi Eckwall

Sound Design and Composition: Kalen Keir and Tom Woodling

Voice Actors: Lauren Anderson, Ryan Colbert, Renée Copeland, Aeysha Kinnunen, Kalen Keir, Casey Hoekstra, Genevieve Muench, Zainab Musa, Brant Miller, Tom Woodling

Rehearsal Assistant/Dramaturg: Anna Kunin

Playwright/Text development: Maggie Danger Williams

Set Design and Construction: Sam Pitmon and Jason Quick

Costuming: Design and construction by Stephanie Molstad